Feasibility study of all types of Water Treatment Systems. Identify customer need in different areas of water supply and provide right solution through a total management of water.  


Pressure Sand Filters
Iron Removal Filters
Activated Carbon Filters
Mixed Bed
Reverse Osmosis System

Q. What are the services provided by ENE Fluidtek?

Ans. The services provided by ENE Fluidtek are quite varied and diverse. From carrying out Feasibility Study for Water Treatment Systems to Designing and Engineering, the range of services provided by ENE Fluidtek covers a huge spectrum. For a more detailed view on the complete range of services provided by ENE Fluidtek, click on Services .


Q. What are the strengths of ENE Fluidtek?

Ans. The strengths of ENE Fluidtek are many. From having a dedicated team of engineers to using the latest technology and expertise in providing solutions, ENE Fluidtek has carved a niche for itself in this emerging market.


Q. Is ENE Fluidtek an authorized selling agent of any company?

Ans. Yes ENE Fluidtek is the selling agent of some of the most renowned and respected water treatment and management companies.


Q. If yes, then what are the names of those companies?

Ans. ENE Fluidtek is the selling of companies like:


1.  “GE Water”

•  GE Betz chemicals pioneer in RO chemical for membrane Antiscalant and membrane cleaners.

•  GE Osmonics leading membrane manufacturer for Reverse Osmosis, Nano-filtration & Ultrafiltration.

•  GE Osmonics leading micron cartridge filter.


2. “ Alpha – UV Steriliser”

•  Bacterial disfection in Pharmaceutical, Food & Drinking water industry.

•  UV chambers in SS316 / SS316L internally & externally electropolished with double side flanges.

•  Quartz Glass technology for super UV transmission.


3.  “Oxynol”

•  Food Graded Hydrogen per-oxide with Silver salt combination Colorless, Odour free Tasteless Eco friendly broad spectrum Bio-cide for Packaged drinking water & Food Processing industries.

•  Oxynol is manufactured under FDA ( India ) license and GMP certification

•  Application for packaged drinking water industries

....................... •  All pipe line and water storage tank disinfection / Sanitization

....................... •  Jar, Bottles & cap disinfection.

....................... •  Water Sterilization. (10 to 15 ppm)

....................... •  Spray fumigation, Hand washing, Floors & walls spray.



Q. What are the names of those companies where ENE Fluidtek has provided its services?

Ans. In its short but illustrious tenure, ENE Fluidtek has provided its expertise and services to a lot of companies and has a long list of satisfied customers. For more detailed information on the client list of ENE Fluidtek, click on Clients .