Feasibility study of all types of Water Treatment Systems. Identify customer need in different areas of water supply and provide right solution through a total management of water.

Pressure Sand Filters
Iron Removal Filters
Activated Carbon Filters
Mixed Bed
Reverse Osmosis System

ENE Fluidtek started its operation in the year 2003 as a major component supplier of Reverse Osmosis system as authorized selling arm of GE Betz India Pvt. Ltd . Mumbai ( Erstwhile Betz Dearborn ) in eastern zone for their GE Osmonics, USA RO membrane , Cartridges and GE Betz, India RO Chemicals ( Pioneer in RO chemicals ). It is also engaged in supplying new plants on turn-key basis and taking up Annual Maintenance Contract for RO plants.

With expertise in designing, engineering, erection, commissioning & trouble shooting job in the field of Water Treatment Plants mostly in Reverse Osmosis System , ENE Fluidtek has made quite a name for itself in a relatively short period.

Our Strengths:

•  A dedicated team of engineers with multi-disciplinary expertise.

•  A well experienced back office support group with the specialisation in respective fields.

•  Computer aided design & engineering activities.

•  Adaptability to new technologies & systems.